Retro27.dec 2010
Examples of my very early projects. Some of them are more than ten years old!
Arkanoid - pascal tutorial Bounding ball - pascal tutorial Bumbum - bomberman game clone in pascal Cdm - Simple antivirus Easter - Electronic card in html Editor - Sound editor in pascal Golf - Game in pascal Krvilacny Grcpes - Full featured game in QBasic Meciar - Wave animation in pascal Micromachines - game core OplujHo - Game in C++ Allegro Palety - Palette editor in QBasic/asm PF2004 - Electronic card in flash Pinprllak - Full featured game in QBasic Satview - Satellite database viewer in C Sokoban - game in Javascript Tuneller3 - full featured game in C Allegro Worms - full featured game - pascal tutorial Xenon - Simple game in pascal YabiHo - game in C Allegro