Microchip PIC standalone package22.jun 2010
    Pre ludi co by radi zacali pracovat s mikropocitacmi PIC no nevedia ako som pripravil tento balicek. Je kompatibilny s mikropocitacmi PIC10, PIC12, PIC16 a mozno aj nejakymi inymi. Pozostava z kompilatora PICC 9.60 PL1 a commandline nastroja na napalovanie programov prostrednictvom programatora PicKit2. Takze Pickit2 je v podstate jedina vec ktoru na vyvoj potrebujete. Kompilator je vlastnorucne cracknuty, takze by som bol rad ak v pripade, ze sa vam bude pacit, tak si ho aj kupite.
Pribalene su jednoduche ukazky ktore rozblikaju LED, ktore pouzivaju funkcie Delay, DA prevodnik a seriovu komunikaciu. Na skopilovanie, zlinkovanie a napalenie staci spustit subor makefile.bat

    For those, who would like to start experimenting with PIC microcontrollers, but don't know where to start, I have prepared this package. It is compatible with all microcontrollers from family PIC10, PIC12, PIC16 and probably also with others. It consits of C compiler PICC 9.60 PL1 and PK2CMD commandline tool that allows you to burn your program into microcontroller with PicKit2 programmer. So PicKit2 is the only necessary part to use my package. I would like to note, that the compiler is cracked, so it would be nice to buy it if you are planning to continue using it. This package is only intended to provide a starting point to your hardware projects.
I have provided also some simple source codes that show you how to blink a LED, how to use Delay functions, ADC and simple serial connection. For compiling, linking and burning your code into microcontroller, just run the makefile.bat script.

Updated version compatible with original PICKIT2 board: picstandalone_2012.zip (9MB)

Download this package (old) here: picstandalone.zip (9MB)